Came back with a dream to build a large operating fantasy "Toyland" so all could have fun remembering their childhoods !

Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland
         An unusual off beat historic folk art roadside attraction with operating toy museum !

Hill Billy Art

     (above) painting of RC Bates
  After twenty years in Hollywood as a SAG/AFTRA actor, standup comic, puppeteer, circus clown...Keith Holt came back to town to claim his Grandparents old homestead with two truck loads of toys and a dream.
   He came back only to create a Toyland and restore the old Gulf gas station, not a folk art environment. But,the powers that would be had different plans for Keith, so Hill Billy Art was born.

            Some of the paintings Keith Holt aka Hill Billy Art has painted.                                                 Yes, some are for sale.
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