Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland
         An unusual off beat historic folk art roadside attraction with operating toy museum !

Photo Gallery

         Take A Walk On The Wacky Side !
             Deer In Headlights
                     Hanging Out
        Haven't seen wacky until you walk in our shoes !
                Keep an eye out for the Killer Milkshake !
 Alice in Wonderland caterpillar w hookah
            Gulf Man & Potty Mouth
     The Joker               King Of The Hill
        When Two worlds Collide
  Ponch and John watching over Toyland
           Don't cut up my Dragon
          The Care Bear clouds
          Enter As Tim at The Wall
                Scary Monkey  at Halloween Party
                 Jurassic Park, Swamp Thing and Rambo
 Apple Valley Store/Diner/Gulf Gas Station
                     Star Wars
            The Throw Away Woods
                It's Banana Splits in Toyland
                    Who you gonna call ? Ghost Busters
                  Message Signs
          Godzilla and King Kong
               The Chicken Ranch
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